Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias
by Andrew Wantuck

This week I spoke with a comedian that claims he isn't fat, he's fluffy. Gabriel Iglesias is one of the biggest drawing comedians touring the country today. To illustrate this point he put a YouTube video last week that had 750,000 views two hours after uploading it. He has been named Comedian of the Year by Comedy Central in 2006 and his new special "2 Hot, 2 Fluffy" airs on Comedy Central on Sunday, November 8th, 2009. In this interview we discussed how he remembers the funny, how the entertainment business does in a poor economy, and his pimped out tour bus.

Andrew: Are you one of those guys that pen-and-papers a joke, or do you go on stage with a premise and just work out the punch-line?
Gabriel: I base the comedy on things that happen to me. I'll try to tag the story on stage, it's hard for me to do it off stage, I can't tell if it's funny or not, that's why I record the shows, and whatever gets the laugh, I'll just repeat for the next show.

Andrew: How are you able to stand on stage for 60 minutes and remember all those punch lines?
Gabriel: I remember it. I don't use my brain for much else during the day! [laughs] My girlfriend takes care of all the bills, my kid is older now so feeds himself, I've got the accountant that worries about the money, a manager that worries about where I am going to be, a personal assistant that takes care of where I gotta to be. All I've got to worry about is retaining the funny!

Andrew: So you do a lot of characters and voices. Was there a moment in time where you realized, " I'm good at this?"
Gabriel: I was bout 9- 10 years old was when I started messing around with voices. My friend's dad was a musician had this PA system, and we would go hang out in the garage with the PA system, and we would just mess around with the microphone and try to come up with stupid things to do in the mic, and I just

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