John Heffron

 John Heffron
by Andrew Wantuck

This week I interviewed John Heffron, a comedian from Detroit that eventually went on to win NBC's Last Comic Standing. We discussed what makes him laugh, married life, and winning the lottery.

Andrew: What is your day like today?
John: Today, I worked out. Came back, did some crap online. Now I'm
going to hang out with my dogs and maybe work out again.

Andrew: So when you say that you are doing crap on the Internet what
does that mean?
John: Getting posters made for clubs across the country. Seeing if my
bulletins went out, seeing if my newsletter went out. Now, unfortunately, comedy is not just about showing up and
being funny. You have to be a wiz at your own marketing. That wasn't
always the case, you used to be able to show up and that was it. Now
with so much free comedy online, you have to work a little harder to
get people to put on pants and go out the door.

Andrew: [laughs] What makes you laugh when you are away from the stage?
John: I laugh at dumb crap. I like watching my animals interact with
each other. I have one dog that can't go down stairs without passing
the room where the cats are and throwing one bark at them. It's just
funny. It reminds me of passing that neighbors house that you are not
fan of and thinking in your head 'dick.'

Andrew: [laughs] Can you describe your on stage persona?
John: I would say conversational / observational. I just talk about
what's going on in my life or maybe the different stage that I am in,
in life right now. I don't yell my punch lines. A lot of guys, where
they move or yell, that's where it's funny. I just talk, but I have a
lot of laughs per second. It's not sit down Mr. Rogers style or anything like

Andrew: How is married life treating you?
John: Good. We are four years in now. Which, in LA terms is a completely acceptable marriage length in case it goes south.
Andrew: [laughs]
John: I'm in the bonus numbers now.

Andrew: So if you could pick and choose how the rest of your career goes what would happen?
John: I would win the 125 million dollar powerball lottery. If that doesn't happen I probably be doing stand up. I mean there is a point where the traveling kicks in and it starts to suck. So like everybody, you hope there is that TV thing right around the corner. Or you move to Vegas and find a nice big casino and make people fly to you.

Andrew: How did taping your hour long special go?
John: It was fun. I have two others specials already. So I had to do a completely new 45 minutes for comedy central. Then for the DVD, I added some special features that had classic bits, like my greatest hits kinda stuff.

Andrew: So you ever think you will move back to your home town of Detroit?
John: No [pause].
Andrew: [laughs]
John: I mean I am a Detroiter through and through, but I'll be back there and 'I say to myself 'what am I even doing here?' My blood thins quick.

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