Andrew Wantuck

 Andrew Wantuck
by Andrew Wantuck

This week for Comedy Corner I wanted to do something a little different. I had an opportunity to interview Andrew Wantuck who works at The Comedy & Magic Club. He is an absolutely incredible figure who commands respect every time you come into contact with him.

Andrew: I heard that The Comedy & Magic Club is doing a lot more work in terms of helping charities raise money. How are you guys doing that?
Andrew: Great question Andrew, I can tell you really did your research. Basically, any 501c3 non-profit charity can call us up and tell us that they are interested in doing a benefit and we will work with them to pick a Tuesday or Wednesday night into the future and then donate 100% of the door back to the charity when people actually attend the event that night.

Andrew: How successful has the program been thus far?
Andrew: It has been great. We have teamed up with education foundations, school teachers, sports teams, and cancer patients. The feedback we have been getting from the organizations has been overwhelmingly positive.

Andrew: If I was looking to host a fundraiser what would be my first step in getting it organized?
Andrew: Well the first step would be to call us and tell us what you are trying to accomplish. We have pretty much become experts of helping charities put together a wide variety of events from big to small. I have one charity that raised $175,000 in one night!

Andrew: Who came up with the original idea to do this for the different charities?
Andrew: Mike Lacey, the owner of the club did. He knows that these are tough times for everybody, but especially for charities and we are in a position to help them out. It is really rewarding work.

Andrew: Now for a personal question, you are in amazing shape how do you do it?
Andrew: [Laughs] Ha. Thanks. I try and eat right and I go to the gym as much as I can.

If you are interested in hosting a charity event please contact Andrew Wantuck at The Comedy & Magic Club. (310) 372-1193.


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